Pine Tree Wine Bag


Pine Tree Wine Bag

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Pine Tree Wine Bag

Beautifully constructed Linen Wine Bag designed with a lovely Pine Tree with Snow. This Pine Tree Wine Bag will be a perfect holiday ‘re-usable’ wine bag and a wonderful gift idea for your holiday needs….all you need to do is include a bottle of wine of your choice! Include the Pine Tree  with Snow Flour Sack Towel Pine Tree with Snow Flour Sack Towel as a wonderful holiday gift idea!

Wine Bags can have a variety of other uses!  These great Linen bags will be able carry any bottle in a stylish way!

Weddings are a great way to use wine bags in many ways. As a wedding favor, include a bottle of water in the wine bag for a cute addition to the room.  Use them also as a gift bag filled with candy and gum leaving the wine bag as the gift to be used again and again!  Fill a wine bag with toiletries as a nice surprise in your guest rooms

Recycle a wine bottle, but it in the wine bag and use it as a unique vase!  The uses go on and on

• Direct-to-Garment printed – a water-based ink that bleeds into the fabric!

• 6-inch by 14-inch

•100% linen pouch

•Jute drawstring