Green Herbs Ceramic Tile Trivet


Green Herbs Ceramic Tile Trivet 

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Green Herbs Ceramic Tile Trivet…….A grouping of Green Herbs that features; lemon verbena, horseradish, lemon-grass, lemon thyme, scallions, green tea, nutmeg, and fennel on a Ceramic Tile Trivet with a satin finish and a protective cork backing.  A perfect kitchen addition that can be used as a trivet, hot plate, or wall hanger.  Boxed and gift-giving ready with a small gift tag….a great house-warming or hostess gift!

*Stand not included

Product Information:

Designer: Debbie Barbarita

Size: 6 ” by 6 ” square

Protective backing:  Cork

Material:  Ceramic Tile in a Satin finish

Cleaning:  Soft cloth with warm water, dish soap, green soap, or Windex

DO NOT USE – Commercial tile cleaners, Commercial fungicides Chlorine, Bleach, Abrasive cleaners, Detergent, Ammonia, or Petroleum.

Use:  For indoor use only – if used for a hot plate do not exceed 200°F

Printing:  Sublimation printed (tiles are coated with a polymer layer and the dyes will melt into the polymer during the printing process)

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